The Bat Bike

The Steampunk bat bike is progressing well. The main frame is now built and seems to be strong enough to support all the bits and bobs i am now starting to add. The bike is probably about half way through with a completion date sometime in March/April.


The Steamer Batmobile is now complete.

The main body work is now all complete. We have decided to fit an electric drive system which will help move the build around at events. This will involve altering the rear slightly but it won't have a massive impact


The Steamer

There are still some very minor tweaks that need completing but generally it is complete. Not bad for four months work. The next challenge will be finding a trailer to move this monster around the country to different events and at 15ft x 8.5ft this will be fun.


The Steamer Batmobile

The Steamer build is progress in well due to some very nice weather. The plan is to get the build 90% completed by the start of November. From this point onwards work will take place just on the interior and the animatronic Batman.


Exterior of the Steamer nearly complete

The exterior is now nearly complete, probably about two weeks more work adding all the fine details. Electrics are now being fitted and LED lighting is slowly going on. Headlights are fitted and working as is the sound system.


The Steamer, Tumbler inspired Batmobile.

At last ahead of schedule. At this rate given there are no more major problems the Steamer will be completed before Christmas, which would be great. Work will start later in the week fitting the hundred of LED ready to be installed.