The StarGate

 The StarGate has now been installed in its new home at Warminster Activity centre. All they need now is the DHD. It was a fun commission producing a prop of this scale in such a great location.



One of my first fully animatronic builds. I thought I would start with something small and cute so I decided on Bubo, the owl from the Clash of the Titans movie.
he was a very quick build only taking a few hours. He is made from cardboard but features full animatronic movement. The servers fitted to his wing, eyes, beak and neck are all controlled from a poll maestro board which in turn is powered via a 6v source. There is a bluetooth sound unit fitted so any sound can be send via a smart phone to Bubo. His eyes have been slightly modified from the original and I have used blue LED,s in the eyes as opposed to red.

Dragon sculpture

Had a large pile of scrap wood in the garden and just could not bring myself to burn it so decided to use it more creatively. I will add  a bit of paint in the next few days then find it a new home.


Marlborough Gazette 

Great day at the Marlborough Science fair at St Johns School.
Vic went down a storm as usual.

Shame these guys could not get my name correct event though I spelt it our for them. Nice article though.



Children in Need 2014

A great day at Cabots Circus in Bristol and a Phenomenal amount of money raised for Children in Need. Thanks to all those that gave so generously. Total for the day was £1000 for Children in Need.