The Steam Pod bat bike

The Bike is now complete. I am really pleased that I went with the Steampunk look over a replica of the bike as I think it has turned out ok.The tyres are made from the same material as The Steamer tyres however the internal structure is a fair bit stronger having to support the entire weight of the bike and rider. The main structure of the bike is box steel with an outer alloy covering. The only wood is the tank covering and wheels. Electrical system is 12v and runs the rear,front and underbody lighting. The bike also has a smoke system that vents smoke from the front steampunk chimney. 
The bike was great fun to make and i will certain produce more theme bikes including ones that run.


The Stargate one year on.

In March 2015 we built a Stargate and DHD for Warminster Airsoft centre .
One year on it is still going strong and able to deal with all the weather and aggression that is directed at it. Airsoft Action Magazine have featured a great article on the gate in their April 2016 issue.


The Steamer, now complete and ready for the road.

Seven months is a long time and longer than expected on completing this project. There were a few problems mainly with the weight and having to fit a drive system. The Steamer can now move under its own power but the radio control system that operates it is still not as I want it. Later in the year I will change this for a joystick control system so it can be driven more like a real car.
new LED lighting has been fitted on the underside and new harness points to winch it up onto the truck. The Animatronic Bat man is now programmed and will react to movement in the cockpit. 
I will eventually get around to painting the tyres with rubber when the weather gets warmer and the liquid covering will dry quicker, not a chance at the moment in the constant rain.
To comply with PLI a visible external kill switch has now been fitted and fire extinguisher inside the cockpit.
The Steamer has been out and about on the back of the truck and is now ready for the onslaught of public events.
Time to start designing the next one. 

Final touches on the Steam Pod

There is s little bit more work to do on the guns and wheels but it is now virtually complete.
Lighting and smoke system is now all fitted and working and the wheel bearings work at last.