The Batmobile project has started. Progress at the end of week one.
A build log will be uploaded weekly to the Blog.

By March 2016 Podpadstudios will have its very own Batmobile. We are currently building a full size Steampunk Batmobile modelled after the Tumber. At 15 x 9ft in size this is one awesome project. Event though the project is not yet complete it is already booked for events in 2016 and a number of event organisers are very excited about this new project.
When the project started I decided to open it up to sponsorship both individual and company. I have already had some great offers which has now allowed the project to start.

What I am offering sponsors is to have their logo or company name displayed on the trailer and Batmobile located on the rear spoilers.
Being the only Steampunk Batmobile in the world it will be traveling around the country to UK events and will be seen by thousands of people and, no doubt, drawing massive crowds.
If you are interested in getting involved with this project and could offer sponsorship then please contact me through the main website.

Over the next few months I will be looking to purchase a Flat Bed Trailer to transport the bat mobile to events, ideally 14ftx 7ft in size. If you would be interested in sponsoring the trailer then we would love to here from you. What you would gain in return for sponsorship would be your company name/graphics and logo displayed across the trailer. Considering the trailer will be very well travelled, moving the Batmobile around the country to events, your company would get some great publicity and exposure.
If you are interested in this opportunity to get involved with this great project please contact us through the website.



Another Dragon

Another dragon, this one is nearly five meter high though, bit larger than the last one. Again it is made out of recycles materials.

A busy month

Loads been going on lately. As well as the large props like the gate and DHD, the smaller but no less important props are still being produced. A new series of film creatures which will be treated to the Podpadstudios Steampunk makeover. All these Steampunk builds will build the foundations of a new website collection on www.steampunkmachines.co.uk. The full size steampunk bat mobile will also be added to the collection in early April 2016. www.steampunkmachines.co.uk by then end of 2015 will have the largest collection of Steampunk machines in the UK.

Two different sizes of wolf Predator masks soon to be Steampunked.

Based on the success of the organic mutant created for the original Dalek caan I have been asked to produce some more mutant based mask.This is just the first experiment. The final mask will have moving animatronic tentacles and a central glowing eye.

The DHD.

To compliment the recently produced StarGate at Warminster Activity centre a DHD was added. This is not just a static prop though. The front symbols are all removable . The DHD features a sliding rear door which house the crystal tray. The crystals are removable. When placed in the crystal holders each crystal in turn lights up, red, green and blue. When all the crystals are in place the DHD outer ring lights up to show it is now active. This state makes the centre button active. When pressed by the player a siren sounds to indicate the gate is now active and open. At the same time the Stargate now lights up, powered from the DHD. 


The StarGate

 The StarGate has now been installed in its new home at Warminster Activity centre. All they need now is the DHD. It was a fun commission producing a prop of this scale in such a great location.



One of my first fully animatronic builds. I thought I would start with something small and cute so I decided on Bubo, the owl from the Clash of the Titans movie.
he was a very quick build only taking a few hours. He is made from cardboard but features full animatronic movement. The servers fitted to his wing, eyes, beak and neck are all controlled from a poll maestro board which in turn is powered via a 6v source. There is a bluetooth sound unit fitted so any sound can be send via a smart phone to Bubo. His eyes have been slightly modified from the original and I have used blue LED,s in the eyes as opposed to red.

Dragon sculpture

Had a large pile of scrap wood in the garden and just could not bring myself to burn it so decided to use it more creatively. I will add  a bit of paint in the next few days then find it a new home.