The 95Spider at night

95Spider in low light

This is certainly the best way to see the new 95Spider. The LED system is comprehensive but not over bright and can still be seem in full sunlight and lower light levels.

Our Bat Vehicle collection and the new 95Spider

Nearly there with the new 95Spider, only a few tweaks here and there now.


Arty shots of new 95Spider bat mobile, nearly complete


There is still about four weeks work left but externally it is 90% complete. Still lots to do on the interior and a few bits and bobs to add externally.


LED system now complete

The LED lighting system is now complete apart from the odd LED in the interior which still needs to be fitted. For all you techies,  there are over 500 LED's fitted, either in a fixed configuration or programable RGB. The LED system is set in Zones and all controllable from the steering wheel controls. Canopy now opens but needs lots of work to get completed. Interior has had loads done but needs all those special Steampunk finishes.

Sorry about the poor quality images, LED's are very bright and hard to photograph. 


The canopy and interior

Work has now started on the interior, only problem is that it is painfully slow. I have also decided to work on the canopy as I have been putting it of for a while. I decided to hinge the canopy from the front creating a type of scissor  wing effect. The aim is to make the canopy look like an bat wing when it is open so it looks more interesting.